Happy Dog High Energy 30/20 Dry Food - 20 K.G

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Our energy-rich feed 30-20 HIGH ENERGY provides all dogs at high physical exertionvery important structural protein recovery of blood and muscle protein for muscle growth.High concentration of nutrients provides dogs already active in a small volume of feed rich and quick supply of sufficient amounts of protein and fat and thereby burdens the digestive tract only a minimal extent.

The recipe is prepared on the basis of a hearty "red" beef muscle, which is building the optimal source of protein for all breeds of dogs. Hearty red meat is complemented by easily digestible "white" meat, poultry and fish. Easily digestible poultry fat is again a source of compensation for energy consumed. Feed can be deployed at the working and sporting dogs during the peak of physical activity, for example. Endurance mushing, caniscross, agilitty, pulling, etc. It is also suitable for feeding dogs with high mental stress, eg. Security, animal assisted therapy, olfactory work (track drugs , explosives, rescuers and avalanche dogs), etc. This recipe can also be deployed as an "anti-stress" dog food during long transports and transport. It contains all the necessary minerals, trace elements and vitamins in amounts and proportions optimized for highly loaded dogs.

Happy Dog

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