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Royal Canin Kitten Dry Food 2kg

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Highly nutritious cat food, Royal Canin Kitten is ideal for mother cats while pregnant or nursing as well as kittens from 4 to 12 months old. Both have increased requirements for energy, protein, minerals, trace elements, and vitamins. Royal Canin Kitten Digestive Health is specially developed with these requirements in mind. The kibble is the optimal size for small kittens and is easy to chew.

The beginning of the second stage of development is indicated by the emergence of adult teeth:

  • As the adult teeth develop, protection of the newly developed adult teeth is crucial for efficient dental hygiene and health.
  • As the digestion capacities develop, certain foods, such as starches, can be increasingly better digested and utilized.
  • As growth slows, bone structure slowly solidifies, and muscles develop, the energy requirement continues to be high, but slowly decreases over time.

Royal Canin Kitten Digestive Health Cat Food is optimally tuned for the special dietary needs of kittens between 4 and 12 months of age, and pregnant or nursing cats:

  • Optimal Support of Digestion: due to its highly digestible protein, the amount of wasted, undigested nutrients in the colon is reduced. Furthermore, Fructo-Oligo Saccharide, dried beets (for a well-balanced intestinal flora), and EPA/DHA (protects the intestinal mucosa) support healthy digestion.
  • Fortification of Natural Resistance and Immunities: synergistic anti-oxidant complex (vitamins E & C, taurine & lutein) and mannan-oligo saccharide promote the immune system in young cats.
  • Reduced Stool Odour: due to the high content of proteins that are especially easy to digest and utilize (90% digestibility), the amount of undigested substances in the colon is reduced.

For more than 40 years Royal Canin has been making your pet’s health the prime focus of their work leading to the product range “Health Nutrition” amongst others. Only with the knowledge of your pet’s exact nutritional requirements and with respect for the individuality of every animal can the perfect meal be developed and produced to exactly meet your pet’s needs.




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