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25% of all indoor cats have a long or a half-long coat. They spend one third of their time with grooming it. While they groom themselves, a great deal of hair drops away, of which about two thirds is swallowed. The great amount of swallowed fur, but also the length of the hair promotes the formation of hairballs.

Hair consists of up to 95% proteins. For an optimal coat quality, precise nutrition is necessary. A nutritional deficiency can influence coat shedding and lead to a dry, mat, brittle and feeble coat.

Life indoor reduces the activity level of your cat. Thus, the energy absorption over a regular diet should remain moderate in order to maintain your cat's ideal weight. Because of the lower activity levels, the intestinal activity can also become restricted. This can result in problems with digestion, and soft or unpleasant-smelling droppings.

Royal Canin Indoor Long Hair cat food was specifically developed for indoor cats with long hair:

  • Increased fibre content, dried sugar beet pulp and psyllium: assist the natural excrement of swallowed hair
  • Brilliant glossy coat and healthy skin: through an adjusted protein content as well as vitamins (A and B), essential fatty acids and chelated trace elements
  • Maximum digestion and reduced excremental odour: through highly digestible proteins with higher nutritional value
  • Appropriate mineral content: promote healthy digestion, and a pH level between 6.0 and 6.5

For more than 40 years Royal Canin has been making your pet’s health the prime focus of their work leading to the product range “Health Nutrition” amongst others. Only with the knowledge of your pet’s exact nutritional requirements and with respect for the individuality of every animal can the perfect meal be developed and produced to exactly meet your pet’s needs.


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