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Royal Canin Light Weight Care Dry Cat Food 2kg

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When a cat has first started reaching the point of unhealthy weight gain, often the body adjusts and the weight gain stops there, but it can also lead to further unhealthy weight gain. It's important to act decisively at the first signs of unhealthy weight gain to prevent it from escalating to a health risk. To prevent unhealthy weight gain, cats need plenty of exercise and an adjusted diet with moderate calorie-content.

Royal Canin Light Weight Care cat food offers reduced calorie content and the ideal feeling of fullness: two parameters for optimal effectiveness.

  • The recipe of Royal Canin Light Weight Care is rich in fibres and psyllium - your pet feels full sooner and takes in a proven 17% less calories
  • The increased protein content (40%) supports muscle retention
  • L-carnitine activates the body's own fat reserves
  • Proven effectiveness when feeding only Royal Canin Light Weight Care dry cat food
  • Special formula for supporting the urinary functions of adult cats (pH-value: 6-6.6)

Royal Canin Light Weight Care cat food contains all the necessary nutrients for your cat, promoting your pet's health and wellness. The effectiveness of Light Weight Care cat food has been proven in scientific studies